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We offer friendly, reliable, trustworthy and quality automotive services to all our customers.

Providing Expert and Honest Service for Over 20 Years

Our History

Rod Chivers, owner of Custom European Motor Services has been in the motoring industry for over 20 years.  He started out doing an apprenticeship with one of the local vehicle servicing agents in Tauranga.  After completing the apprenticeship Rod decided to do an OE and ended up in the UK running a local garage near London.  Over the time that he was there, the garage expanded by adding a petrol station and panel beaters.  Rod gained considerable experience in running a multi disciplinary vehicle servicing center.

On returning to NZ Rod went on to further his experience by working at a truck servicing garage.  This work was varied and included servicing and rebuilding of trucks, tractors and buses.  Other tasks included rebuilding chassis of heavy machinery that had been involved in an accident.

Rod decided that he preferred to work on smaller vehicles and was offered a position at a local European car service center.  He quickly became one of the local experts in Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Volvo, Saab  and Citroen.  The service center also offer specialised servicing for Chrysler Jeep and Hyundai, which Rod also enjoyed.

In 2010 Rod started his own business forming Custom European Motor Services.  He brought the required diagnostic equipment and started servicing vehicles.  Many customers and friends were supportive and continued to get Rod to service and fix their prized European vehicles.

As the business grew it moved to it’s present location in Greerton to be more centrally located for his clients.  Rod with his team continues to service, rebuild and offer friendly advise on any vehicle issues that their clients may have.

Rod and Judy make a great team and provide a very professional service in the automotive industry.  They are well equipped and always keen to tackle any challenge that your vehicle may exhibit.

They are practical and quickly diagnose a range of automotive issues getting your vehicle back on the road with the least disruption to you.

Custom European Motor Services are conveniently located at 5 Malene Street, Greerton, Tauranga.

Our Team




Rod is a highly qualified and experienced mechanic with many years working on vehicles specialising in European vehicles.



Office Manager

Judy always greets you with a friendly face.